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And so it begins...

February 22nd, 2012. My departure date is set with a one way ticket to Bogota, Colombia.

Until then, so it begins with my first blog on my new website. It certainly has come with a few trials and tribulations. The main issue at hand is not being able to upload photos from the iPad to the website. Some sort of draconian Apple policy that restricts the iPad of this most basic user function. So in the meantime I'll have to send the photos via email and upload using a Windows OS. What a pain. Soon none of these minor details will matter much. Especially when I'm in a new and exciting location.


So what have I been doing so far? Many preparations and decisions have been made. My first big decision was what type of pack to take with me. I wanted to go small and after much research I decided on the Osprey Porter 46. A good functional bag and I hope it will serve me well. Renting the house to my good friends Sutton and Erin was a breeze as they plan to move in and take the joint fully furnished.

Immunizations are finished. I ended up getting a Yellow Fever shot as Brazil requires this for entry. I also went with Typhoid, Flu, Meningitis, and TDaP. Better safe than sorry and if anything my Mother feels better now that I've gone through these precautions.

Christmas is upon me and my thoughts constantly wander to the coming sooner rather than later month of February.