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Christmas Musings

Last night was one of my favorite traditions. Christmas Eve at my house. The gathering of friends and the exchange of gifts between each other is always a great time. It has become a great annual tradition and I could not help thinking that this was the last Christmas Eve at my house for a long time. I'll be gone wandering the world and I'll miss out on all of these events that I participate in with my friends. Life will go on without me and all of these memories will be made in my absence. I guess it's a small sacrifice to make, one of many I'll come to realize when I'm gone. It will be interesting for me to see how I cope with that as I go along. On the other side of the coin I'll be making memories of my own and have all of these wonderful experiences, albeit alone, so their is a trade off.

I've also been thinking that one year for today I'll probably be somewhere in SE Asia. I promised myself that on Christmas next year I'll be on a beach somewhere on a beautiful island. Maybe in the Philippines or perhaps Indonesia. That will be a nice Christmas present indeed.