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Countdown of Countdowns

17 days of work, 27 days till I leave Colorado, and 35 days until my flight to Colombia. Wow. A little more than a month and I will be in a completely different world so unlike what I've known. Currently I am full of anxiety, worry, nervousness, and most importantly - excitement! All natural and normal feelings I would assume being at this stage. Another Dr. appointment today for the knee and all appears well which is a very big relief. The bone is healing, I'm getting stronger in my leg, and my range of motion is coming back. Lost City and Inca Trail here I come!

I've got my lists of things I am going to bring, and of things I think I'll need. My progress on procuring said things is coming along nicely. Soon I'll load everything up in the Porter 46L and see how everything organizes, feels, and weighs. Then I'll throw half of all the crap out and take what's left.

I have also decided that the iPad alone is just not going to cut it. So I purchased a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 that will also trek with me around the globe. I got a really good deal for a brand new unit, 250GB HD, 1GB RAM, Windows 7 for $170. Both of these devices being of the utmost necessity I know, but I'm bringing them nonetheless. The iPad should serve well for entertainment and media purposes and the Dell will be more functional for blogging as well as music and photo storage.

Other than that I'm just counting the time and days down and hoping my transition will go smoothly.

Blogging Machine

Blogging Machine